Tips on how to be a focused student

Many students have trouble staying focused whether it is in class or online. Different people have different techniques to keep themselves focused and avoid any distractions. Below are two different environments that students can be distracted and how they are able to avoid those distractions.

Eliminating Online Distractions

          No one wants to be distracted from their work, especially when working at home because family can be a big distraction. For example, they may decide to come into your room and ask for a favour, or ask you a question. This distracts you easily and you have no way of ignoring them because they are physically there asking you questions. If you were to be doing research and your family interrupts you, you could easily get off topic and forget your ideas. The way to avoid that would be to let your family know you are doing school work and need to be left alone. Sometimes while studying you may decide you want to play some music in the background that can either be a big distraction or a great way to focus on your work. However, you can get side tracked and end up watching videos on YouTube and one thing leads to another which could waste a lot of time. The best way to have music playing, is to have a playlist and avoid going back to YouTube and changing your song. Being on a computer while doing work gives you access to a lot of other things such as Facebook and Twitter. That can be another distraction to your work because it is very time consuming. So to avoid that you would just take breaks in between your studies and give yourself time to check Facebook and Twitter but only for a certain amount of time.


Eliminating Face to Face Distractions

          When it comes to eliminating study distractions when you are face to face there are several factors that come into play. When you are with someone who is constantly talking while you are trying to type a paper. You could kindly tell the person that you need to focus. One big one for our generation especially is our phones. It is way too easy to get caught up in a conversation when you are studying so I would say to put your phone away while you are studying. Music is another big one because for many of us we like to listen to music with anything that we do. If it helps you study that’s great but I personally can’t listen to music because it makes it difficult to focus on whatever subject I am trying to learn. While I am trying to learn about the structure of cells I can’t be listening to my favourite band because I will most definitely start singing the lyrics along with the song. Also just getting your head into the mindset that you are here to study is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome because when people together (especially college students) we sometimes get off topic and forget the fact that we are there to study, so constantly telling yourself that you are not here exactly for the social aspect of studying can help. I personally just constantly try to remind myself that I am in college for a reason. I can make friends along the way but I am here because I want a career in medicine. That fact to me right now is all that matters. Altogether the best and most effective way to eliminating study distractions, is recognizing what a distraction is.


      The following videos provide many other useful tips that will help a student stay focused in school.


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